Rajeev Singh, MD India & South Asia at BenQ: Excellence on Display

March 29, 2023 Pavan R Chawla / Rajeev Singh Season 1 Episode 82
Rajeev Singh, MD India & South Asia at BenQ: Excellence on Display
Show Notes

This episode of our award-winning MVP - The Master’s Voice Podcast features Rajeev Singh, Managing Director of BenQ India and South Asia, in conversation with Pavan R Chawla

With more than 23 years of work experience – the last 11 of which have been impactfully spent at BenQ in India — Rajeev brings valuable insights from working with big names in the tech consumer industry.

BenQ is a USD25+ billion company with almost 20 independent companies operating in over 30 countries, employing over 100,000 people. As a technocrat and thought leader, Rajeev shares interesting insights into the world of tech consumer brands and diverse kinds of devices and functions.

He speaks about BenQ’s origins, growth, and major product lines, which include computer monitors, projectors, and interactive flat-panel displays. Rajeev also discusses BenQ India’s shift towards a more balanced perspective, focusing on B2C and various product lines.

Regarding the Make In India initiative, Rajeev explains how BenQ plans to manufacture interactive flat panels in Gujarat, with a target of selling over 15,000 units in the first year. He also sheds light on BenQ's popular gaming monitors and high-speed response gaming mice.

Moreover, Rajeev assures customers of a consistent buying experience across more than 10,000 retail outlets in India, with similar pricing regardless of the retailer.

Overall, Rajeev’s insights provide a glimpse into the world of tech consumer brands, their evolution, and the diverse range of devices and functions they offer.

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