Podcast | Avinash Pandey, CEO ABP Network - Driving a great legacy network for the greater good

February 21, 2023 Pavan R Chawla / Avinash Pandey ABP Season 1 Episode 78
Podcast | Avinash Pandey, CEO ABP Network - Driving a great legacy network for the greater good
Show Notes

My distinguished guest on this, the 78th episode of our award-winning MVP – The Master’s Voice Podcast, is the soft-spoken knowledge-driven media captain and expert across the entire News spectrum in India, Avinash Pandey - Chief Executive Officer, ABP Network, and President of the NBDA (News Broadcasters And Digital Association), and the  India Chapter of the IAA (International Advertising Association).  Truly a thought-leader-statesman for the News space in India, Avinash has kept Purpose front and centre as he drives the modern-day network from a great, century-old  legacy news leader parent for the greater good.

Avinash is a young veteran who has more than a quarter of a century of experience, and along with being the thought-leader he is, a wonderful thing about him is  his desire to -- and advocacy of the need to -- empower the younger professionals in Indian Media & Entertainment so that the industry, the various sub-sectors and sectors and the Nation,  all can grow together. That, I can safely say, is something always on a front burner for him, like a veritable mission of his life, and I know that from my multiple offline conversations with him.

And not just wanting to blood young professionals in the multiple, organizational, ‘body’ eco-systems all around, the commitment to, and support of, the ABP Network to all important industry associations by partnering with and supporting the better events that are knowledge-driven and industry enhancing, is a set of the best spaces the ABP Network is regularly seen in, and supporting.

I think the last time I met him was at the Subhash Ghoshal memorial lecture where the ABP network supported the major annual address by the original amazing news industry captain, Arun Poorie.

So here, on MVP, The Master’s Voice Podcast, is Avinash Pandey, CEO – ABP Network, speaking about everything important, no questions ducked, speaking like a stalwart and custodian of the news space, and proud of his network and the wonderful team that has helped him keep it to its  stated true North of commitment for the people and the enterprises that power news networks to deploy the might of media for the greater good.

We begin our conversation with the wonderful, second edition of the Ideas of India Summit from ABP Network. The Ideas of India Summit 2023 edition begins just two days from today, ie on the 24th of March, and will see a constellation of around 60 speaks across two days till the 25th of March.

I describe this IP from ABP as one with EP – Emotional Purpose, because, as Avinash tells me, the entire summit will steer clear of ('inflammatory' – our word) political noise, and will remain true to ideas that are likely to help build India. Because, as Avinash tells me, “India has ach

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