Podcast | Achille Forler, Founder - SyncMama, says 'It's the cure for Royalty pirates like Epidemic'

February 05, 2023 Pavan R Chawla / Achille Forler Season 1 Episode 76
Podcast | Achille Forler, Founder - SyncMama, says 'It's the cure for Royalty pirates like Epidemic'
Show Notes

My very special guest on this, the 76th episode of our award-winning series MVP – The Master’s Voice Podcast, is Achille Forler, Founder & Executive Director - SyncMama, and a distinguished expert and thought leader who brings enormous experience and learnings wide and deep from across the spectrum of radio, audio, music and more.

Achille is like an audio guru -- one of the wisest, and a most experienced, deeply knowledgeable and sagacious professional who has worked for the best interests of audio in India across creative, technology, broadcast, digital, industry bodies and associations and more, and is now championing the bringing together of creators and licensors of great audio tracks through his amazing new offering that's completely blown me away.

Achille has 35 years of experience in the creative industries, 10 years of experience in cultural management followed by 5 years as a public servant reporting to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs on film, broadcasting and music industries. In 1994, he left the foreign service to create Silk Road Communications, a strategy consultancy company.

Achille, who  founded Deep Emotions Publishing, India's first music publishing company in 1996 (which was later acquired by Universal Music Publishing in 2012), founded Music Rights India in 2017, which became a permanent advisor to the Indian Performing and Mechanical Rights Society.

Achille speaks about ‘Royalty Pirates’ like Epidemic Sound, and is working on advocacy to protect the rights and interests of the smaller composers and their ilk.

Achille tells me why he believes the music industry is weighted against artists,  with even successful music artists seeing pitiful returns from streaming.

And that is where SyncMama comes in. It's a subscription-led library and music licensing platform for user-generated content creators, and has identified music to have huge potential.

Achille tells me about SyncMama, his perspective about the video industry in brief, and a slightly larger perspective on the audio industry in India, and the woes of audio composers who are struggling against the royalty-free platforms.

What does Syncmama offer the content creator?

Syncmama provides music at, as it says, the power of AI. It allows content creators to ‘add that Hollywood sound to your videos’.

Syncmama’s content bouquet includes copyright-cleared music created by award-winning composers, premium sound effects, with new music every week – powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that helps creators find the right track. It provides new music every week, and the user of its music can even edit Syncmama tracks, use their stems and mix them with other musical elements.

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