Platinum Ep 75 | PODCAST | Tania Yuki, Global CMO & EVP Digital - Comscore

January 30, 2023 Pavan R Chawla / Tania Yuki Season 1 Episode 75
Platinum Ep 75 | PODCAST | Tania Yuki, Global CMO & EVP Digital - Comscore
Show Notes

In this, our 75th and very special  Platinum episode of our award-winning MVP The Master’s Voice Podcast from, I am delighted to bring you an insightful conversation with the amazing Tania Yuki Comscore’s Global Chief Marketing Officer, and  EVP  of Digital at the company that stands apart from and above all other measurement providers when it comes to the Web metrics, Video metrics, and to measuring Social Media engagement.

Tania, who graced this milestone episode all the way from New York, brings  a wealth of experience and true excellence to the Comscore- and digital measurement table across geographies!

Comscore, as every digital marketer must know, is  a trusted partner for planning, transacting and evaluation media across platforms, and Tania, who is also a tech founder and entrepreneur with a strong commercial and marketplace focus, a massive love of data, and experience driving innovation in insights-focused businesses, tells me about the importance, strengths and benefits of all the different measurement services comScore provides to truly empower marketers in India and across the world.

Tania is one of the most respected experts in the space, and began her career as a media- and internet attorney, specializing in digital rights management, IP and film financing. After she moved to the US from Australia, Tania has run an online video content network as Head of Acquisitions and Branding, led product management for comScore's Video Metrix and has become an active member of the World Economic Forum's Media and Entertainment Council.

She also founded Shareablee, which Comscore acquired, earlier, had also led product management for Comscore's Web and Video Metrix, the world's leading online video and CTV ratings service, and was also VP Advertiser Solutions at Visible World, which was acquired by Comcast.

Tania tells me about the platforms Comscore measures along with the USPs and strengths that make it, as I firmly believe, such a trusted currency for media planners, buyers, marketers across platforms to guide media investments at scale, and with profit and purpose.

She tells me about comscore’s VMX or Video Metrics, which, she says, “I nursed from spreadsheet to syndicated product”.

Tanya speaks about how Comscore has been receiving YouTube data from Google for measurement of YouTube channels, and how it has been for the company to work closely together with Google to help empower marketers with better measurement.

Very recently, India Today group, which is India’s top general news video publisher, did India proud when its brand Aaj Tak became the

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