Moneka Khurana on MMA India and how it is empowering the growth of modern marketing

December 05, 2022 Pavan R Chawla Season 1 Episode 72
Moneka Khurana on MMA India and how it is empowering the growth of modern marketing
Show Notes

Moneka Khurana, Country Head and Board Member of the India chapter of MMA Global, is my special guest on this, the 72nd episode of our award-winning podcast series, MVP - The Masters Voice Podcast. Moneka, an important enabler for the entire fraternity of marketing professionals in India, speaks with me, Pavan R Chawla, about helping MMA India empower the entire marketing fraternity in the country for better business salience and results. And more.

I  caught up Moneka for the recording in person on the morning of the major MMA India event -- MMA India Data Unplugged in Mumbai, where Moneka shut out all the surround ‘noise’ of the frenetic event-setup and early-dry-runs. Truly, Moneka’s commitment to her work, and her drive and energy bring to mind the lyrics of a lovely song that are also the inspiration of another dear friend of mine – Moneka reminds me of ‘a Porsche with no brakes’.

With more than 22 years of experience in the digital marketing sector, Moneka is amongst the top 100 pioneering digital professionals and has been a member of the MMA India board for around four years now. 

This episode with Moneka Khurana: In our conversation, Moneka harks back to when she first realized digital does it for her, and shares her journey with and leadership of the India chapter of MMA global. Moneka also shares what both, MMA India and MMA global do in their spaces, what their membership benefits and numbers are, and why every marketing professional and Business custodian and owner in India must join the  India Chapter of MMA Global – which is something I too am convinced they must do. (We are a member too)

Moneka tells me how MMA as a body brings the ecosystem together to deliver best-in-class knowledge and global best practices from across its chapters operating in 15 countries. MMA India and Moneka believe that the mission to enable and empower marketers can happen only on the back of bringing the ecosystem together, and speaks at length on how the India chapter helps its members. 

Moneka also shares that MMA India has some of the best companies on its board; some of them are the likes of Google, Meta, McDonald's, the Aditya Birla Group, Perfetti, HDFC Bank and Nielsen Kantar. 

She speaks of the events and special knowledge-deep-dive research reports and findings MMA publishes and makes available to all its members and other marketers, empowering them with actionable insights for future planning, and also speaks of the data council MMA has built in India with local players.  (The MMA India Local Council strives to stimulate the growth of modern marketing and its associated technologies in India, and is headed by MMA India Board c-Chairs Amit Jain – MD, L'Oréal India, and Prasanth Kumar, CEO – South Asia, GroupM, with Priya Nair, ED – B

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