Siddhartha Roy, CEO - Hungama Digital Media, on MVP - The Master's Voice Podcast from Mediabrief

November 18, 2022 Pavan R Chawla / Siddhartha Roy Season 1 Episode 70
Siddhartha Roy, CEO - Hungama Digital Media, on MVP - The Master's Voice Podcast from Mediabrief
Show Notes

This, the 70th episode of our award-winning MVP – The Master’s Voice Podcast series, is a deep dive with my distinguished guest,  Siddhartha Roy, Chief Executive Officer,   Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Private Limited, about Hungama and its offerings, growth, relevance, connects and promise for the future.

Hungama – for 20  years a formidable digital entertainment company in South Asia, a pioneer in music and video streaming with 87 million monthly users who, in 190 countries, consume content in more than 20 Indian and International languages – is undoubtedly a very significant player in the fast growing digital entertainment  space. And so Hungama takes centre-stage in my conversation with Siddhartha.

We speak about his role-redefinition since stepping up to CEO at Hungama Digital Media, the pillars of Hungama’s growth, how Hungama adapted to the wave of COVID-enforced change including in consumption trends, the vision and plans for Hungama’s future, competing with international players, the marketing strategy and plans for Hungama Digital and its verticals, and more.

Siddhartha leads Hungama Digital Media’s consumer and business initiatives across its multiple verticals including Hungama Music – one of the most popular music streaming services in India, Hungama Play – Hungama’s video streaming service, Artist Aloud – a platform for independent artistes,  and Hungama Games – a publisher, distributor and marketer of mobile games.

Siddhartha was the erstwhile COO & co-­‐founder of BigAdda, India’s largest youth network, a part of the Reliance ADA Group. Prior to, Siddhartha worked with MTV Networks and Star TV India.

He has championed several innovations in digital entertainment, including the launch of Hungama Music, Hungama Play and Artist Aloud. Siddhartha has also been instrumental in crafting unique consumer experiences like Hungama Drive, linear channels  –  ad-­‐free  and  pre-­‐programmed  OTT  channels  and  exceptional  gaming  experiences  for Hungama Games with the launch of multiple movie and cricket IP games.

So tune in for what I hope you will agree is a rewarding chat with Siddhartha Roy, CEO – Hungama Digital Media Private Limited.  Thank you for your time.

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