Ulli Appelbaum, branding expert and author of The Brand Positioning Workbook speaks with Pavan R Chawla

November 07, 2022 Pavan R Chawla / Ulli Appelbaum Season 1 Episode 69
Ulli Appelbaum, branding expert and author of The Brand Positioning Workbook speaks with Pavan R Chawla
Show Notes

My distinguished guest on this, the 69th episode of MVP – The Master’s Voice Podcast, is respected brand strategy expert and author Ulli Appelbaum, well known as founder of the brand strategy firm First The Trousers Then The Shoes Inc, and now author of the brilliant, simply written and empowering new book,  The Brand Positioning Workbook: A Simple How-to Guide To More Compelling Brand Positionings, Faster.

Ulli has been working on developing brand positionings for brands across the world for more than 20 years now, and his The Brand Positioning Workbook is a clear and concise methodology that challenges preconceived notions of strategic development, introducing a more effective and efficient process for branding. In fact, Ulli identifies 26 sources of brand associations in this guide to creating and crafting relevant and impactful brand positioning. 

What Ulli’s hoping is this book will help empower strategic thinking for better brand positioning. Little wonder, then, that it’s hijacked most of the conversation in this episode. 

It is born out of Ulli’s previous work, entitled Positioning Method Cards: The Indispensable Brand Positioning Development Toolkit, which was about creating the Method Card Deck Positioning-Roulette 

Ulli tells me there were some 260 books on brand positioning alone listed on Amazon, and he asked himself why there was room for the 261st book, which he wrote. He tells me whom he has written the book for, and how he hopes it will help every brand custodian across levels and sectors. 

The Brand Positioning Workbook by Ulli Appelbaum draws from Ulli’s extensive career as a senior brand strategist and planner at some of the top advertising agencies in the world today, and amplifies the role of a strategist as the primary guide on the branding journey. 

The book introduces the reader to easily implemented problem-solving tools, proven territories for productive brainstorming, ideas for breaking down biases and group think, tips for more productive virtual brainstorming sessions and much more.


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