Manish Gupta, CEO TajSATS, on MVP The Master's Voice Podcast with Pavan R Chawla

September 30, 2022 Pavan R Chawla / Manish Gupta Season 1 Episode 67
Manish Gupta, CEO TajSATS, on MVP The Master's Voice Podcast with Pavan R Chawla
Show Notes

This, the 67th episode of the award-winning, MVP – The Master’s Voice Podcast from, I’m delighted to welcome an accomplished and diversely experience specialist leader and expert from the Hospitality industry in India - Manish Gupta, Chief Executive Officer of TajSATS Air Catering Limited, which is a joint venture between India's market leader in airline catering, the Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL), and SATS. 

With more than 26 years of experience, Manish today leads a team of 4000 employees at TajSATS as its CEO. 

A consummate hotelier with rich experience in multiple roles across various categories and sizes of hotels in India, Manish began his career with IHCL began when he moved to the iconic Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi as a restaurant manager. He quickly rose through the ranks to become General Manager of different hotels including the legendary Rambagh Palace.

In this episode, Manish speaks of the strengths and leadership position of TajSATS, which for more than 42 years has been the leading player in commercial catering, and remains driven by its commitment to ‘Enriching lives through Innovative Food Solutions’. 

He tells me how, during the COVID pandemic and lockdown which flat-lined the airline, travel, tourism and hospitality industry, TajSATS remained active and operational, providing food and support to India’s COVID warriors. 

Manish also speaks of TajSATS’ pre-COVID market leadership in the aviation business, and how his team and he have now been working to unlock and further strengthen the company’s potential with its non-aviation businesses as well.

Manish tells me of his transformational  experience from being a luxury hotelier to a business leader. He shares his views on the Airline Catering business in India, his company’s market share, and how the Industry has been reinventing itself to keep in step with changing food trends and customer experiences, technology, sustainability and more.

So listen in to MVP – The Master’s Voice Podcast for a rewarding deep dive of a chat with Manish GuptaChief Executive Officer of TajSATS Air Catering Limited. I hope you find the episode as rewarding as I did. 

Thanks very much for your time.

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