Sam Santhosh - Genome Man of India, on MVP - The Master's Voice Podcast

September 15, 2022 Pavan R Chawla / Sam Santhosh Season 1 Episode 64
Sam Santhosh - Genome Man of India, on MVP - The Master's Voice Podcast
Show Notes

The  distinguished guest in this, the 64th episode of our award-winning series MVP – the Master’s Voice Podcast, is the 'Genome Man of India',  Sam Santhosh, Founder & Chairman, SciGenom. Sam speaks with Pavan R Chawla, Founder-Editor of

On this episode of MVP – The Master’s Voice Podcast, in a wide-ranging conversation, Sam Santhosh tells me about his journey from being a very successful millionaire IT Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley to becoming the ‘Genome Man of India’.

He speaks of how Genomics will change the way medical treatments are provided today, the Research and Development initiatives in India, and whether he believes India will be able to rise in its scientific stature to compete with the developed countries. And the current gaps in the R&D sector

Sam also shares how he sees the diagnostics sector developing in India, the Bio Economy, and the future of genomics and its contribution to Healthcare in India.

Sam also speaks about the AMDP (Advances in Molecular Diagnostic and Precision Medicine) conference that rolls out today, the 15th of September 2022,  for 3 days till the 17th of September inclusive, in Chennai.

 The AMDP conference is the first of its kind in India, and will focus on molecular diagnostics and the developments in the space, as also in precision medicine. The conference will bring as much of the possible global advancements into India for healthcare professionals here.

SciGenom’s AMDP conference in Chennai will also give some 15 to 20 startups the opportunity to present what they are building, and apart from healthcare and AMDP professionals, will also see venture capitalists attending. Highlights of this strongly knowledge- and networking-driven event to help unlock strong value for Healthcare in India will be several top experts from the AMDP space.

And much more.

Sam founded  SciGenom in 2009  to leverage the science of the Genome. The company believes that understanding the structure of the DNA and deciphering (or sequencing) the genetic code is the most significant achievement of our species to date. 

With this vision in mind, SciGenom set out to become the first Genomics incubator in India with DNA Sequencing and Bioinformatics as a ‘Horizontal Technology’ which could solve problems in different verticals like Healthcare, Agriculture and Drug Discovery. 

Having set up their first research lab in Kerala, and attracting talent from scientists from the USA, EU and Canada, SciGenom quickly trained local scientists to perform research activities as per global standards.

Sam is a science-savvy e

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