Exclusive | MVP - The Master's Voice Podcast: Ravi Kumar, Founder & CEO, udChalo - Service for Services

August 15, 2022 Pavan R Chawla / Ravi Kumar of udChalo Season 1 Episode 62
Exclusive | MVP - The Master's Voice Podcast: Ravi Kumar, Founder & CEO, udChalo - Service for Services
Show Notes

This special episode of MVP The Master's Voice celebrates India's Independence Day and features Ravi Kumar, Founder and  CEO of udChalo in conversation with Pavan R Chawla, Founder-Editor  of .
 As our Nation celebrates Independence with Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, we are honoured and delighted to bring you a very special episode to record which, we were honoured to welcome the young, visionary, inspirational leader – Ravi Kumar, Fonder & CEO of udChalo --  a company that is “dedicated to serve our Soldiers, the Heroes whose courage, gallantry, and commitment to protect our Nation's honour is incomparable.” 

In fact, udChalo is purpose-driven by the mission to provide the best services for the Services – the entire armed fraternity, its officers, soldiers, their families, dependents and survivors. 

Now in its 10th year, udChalo has done remarkable work for the Services, and I recorded this episode only on Friday the 12th of August 2022 with Ravi who travelled to Mumbai for the recording. 

We had promised ourselves we would edit, package and master the episode as our own small but heartfelt tribute to that most amazing community of Indians, the best of the best – our Armed Forces and their entire fraternity. This episode is’s salute to the Services, and also an expression of gratitude to udChalo, which has been serving India’s  Armed fraternity with pride and gratitude.

Thank you, Ravi Kumar, and the entire team at udChalo. More strength to you.

udChalo, founded and led by Ravi Kumar, an engineering graduate from Pune with an LLB degree and an alumnus of the 1-year Stanford Seed program,  is powered by its primary rocket-fuel of purpose-driven service to the Armed Services of India.

And Ravi, my guest on this very special episode, has always been a strong, focused and of course very capable leader who has seen the company achieve a solid 495% CAGR from FY 2014-15 to FY2020-21. 

udChalo has been recognized by the ‘Fastest Growing MSME’ award  twice, and when Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented Ravi Kumar with the  award in January 2022 for udChalo’s performance over the previous year, the citation recognized the company’s ‘innovation and service to society’.

And Ravi himself has won several prestigious awards including 40 Most Influential Asians Under 40, 2019; 50 Best Leaders Of 2020; Young Entreprenuer of Year 2020; National Startup Award 2021; and First Generation Entrepreneur 2021 By MCCIA, among others.

Trade can be learnt; trait cannot be taught, says Ravi.  And, of course, the passion and commitment with which he work through udChalo for the Services, bespeaks the rarity of the cloth this business leader is cut from.

Listen in Ravi Kumar, Founder and CEO of udChalo on this, the 62th episode of M

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