MVP The Master's Voice Podcast - Nitish Jain, President - SP Jain Global School of Mgmt

July 24, 2022 Pavan R Chawla Season 1 Episode 61
MVP The Master's Voice Podcast - Nitish Jain, President - SP Jain Global School of Mgmt
Show Notes

My distinguished guest on this, the 61st episode of the award-winning MVP - The Master's Voice Podcast series from MediaBrief, is Nitish Jain, President - SP Jain Global School of Management, a top professional Management education  Institute that's respected for creating  globally intelligent, culturally agile graduates and post-graduates, with increasingly relevant and specialist MBA and other programs.

Nitish combines a striking and unique statesman-like calm, poise and wisdom with the unmistakable passion and drive that has seen the pioneer educationist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, technology enthusiast power SP Jain into one of Asia Pacific’s top-ranked global business schools with state-of-the-art campuses in Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney. Today, S P Jain has a strong and respected foothold in the Asia Pacific.

Across more than 15 years now, as President of the School, Nitish has spearheaded SP Jain School’s innovative and disruptive style of education through several pioneering benchmarks in global business education that include a multi-city learning model that has seen its students travel to no less than 3 countries as part of their undergraduate / postgraduate education. The result of this is the transformation of business managers into global leaders who are adaptable, multicultural and globally relevant to companies of the 21st century. 

Nitish’s story begins from his early days when his passion and vision were nurtured by his illustrious grandfather -- now the late educationist, philanthropist, Padma Bhushan award winner the Late S P Jain – who is the one person he has most admired, and with the help of whose tutelage Nitish went  on to take SP Jain School of Global Management across several milestones of success and impact over close to the two decades it is set to complete.

Nitish, who holds an MBA degree from USA’s Cornell University, speaks of what makes the institution unique, and also shares how the concept of global education  has evolved in the past two decades, and how SP Jain adapted to the changing winds of education.

Nitish, believes ‘education is ripe for disruption and technology will lead this’. A keen tech enthusiast,  Nitish is always looking for imaginative ways to integrate his passion for technology with traditional teaching methods. He has led the introduction of cutting-edge tools for engaged online learning, and new classroom technologies including a one-of-its-kind Learning Analytics App, which, along with other transformative technologies are expected to take student learning outcomes at SP Jain to a new level.  Nitish tells me about the unique, patented and empowering ELO tech platform of virtual education and engagement with large groups online. ELO is a highly effective and propri

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