Pushkar Gokhale of Godrej Security Solutions: Securing People, Nation, Profit and Planet with Purpose

July 19, 2022 Pavan R Chawla and Pushkar Gokhale Season 1 Episode 60
Pushkar Gokhale of Godrej Security Solutions: Securing People, Nation, Profit and Planet with Purpose
Show Notes

My distinguished guest in this episode of the award-winning MVP - The Master's Voice Podcast, is Pushkar Gokhale, Business Head at Godrej Security Solutions, a business of Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group (Pavan R Chawla) .

Pushkar has valuable and wide exposure to highly diverse business practices in a multicultural environment, and leads a motivated team offering peace of mind to a broad spectrum of stakeholders.

My chat with Pushkar, who brings 29 years of rich and varied experience, begins with his journey with Godrej and his overview of the security sector – in terms of its growth and potential.

He gives us the expert’s birds eye view of the space of security solutions, and the biggest ‘threat areas’ for security today across property, life, and security against the elements and in the cyber space and more, that Godrej Security Solutions helps overcome.

Pushkar speaks of GSS' specialization areas, and the USPs that give his brand the edge over others.

Pushkar also shares about the retail strategy for Godrej Security Solutions, and the markets in which he sees maximum demand for security solutions. Plus his marketing strategy and tactics to reach potential client, stakeholders and TGs important for GSS.

Pushkar speaks of GSS' offerings for enterprise and individual entities, and the new strategies GSS has implemented with changing time, especially after Covid, and of the specific trends he anticipates in security sector in the years to come. Plus new opportunities for GSS and his technology- and business roadmap for the company.

Pushkar also shares what being a part of the wonderful Godrej Family means to him, and how it has helped his business and him, and what he likes cherishes and respects from the 125 years' journey of the Godrej group and its core values.

So GSS is an offering that focuses on People, Profit and Planet, all driven by the Godrej Group's big, common underlying motivation of Purpose.

Listen in to my conversation with Pushkar Gokhale, Business Head at Godrej Security Solutions, and a passionate and positive leader who revels in the values, integrity and purpose of the Godrej Group even as he drives Godrej Solutions to greater heights.

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