Exclusive | Anish Bafna of Healthium Medtech Limited: A continuum of care | On MVP – The Master’s Voice Podcast

July 10, 2022 Pavan R Chawla / Anish Bafna Healthium Season 1 Episode 59
Exclusive | Anish Bafna of Healthium Medtech Limited: A continuum of care | On MVP – The Master’s Voice Podcast
Show Notes

My distinguished guest on this episode of our award-winning podcast series MVP – The Master’s Voice Podcast, is Anish Bafna Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director of Healthium Medtech Limited. 

Healthium Medtech Limited is a company I have enormous respect for – it has redefined the Aatmanirbhar Bharat mission, and walks the talk miles ahead of its other respected contemporaries in the space of Medtech, as the largest independent Medtech entity in India.

Listen to Anish Bafna’s inspiring story of vision, purpose and commitment, which should inspire not only startup leaders but even the senior-most, successful entrepreneurs, including, I’m confident, all his peers and competitors alike

Today, Healthium Medtech Limited is the largest direct sales force in medical devices and has created access to more than 18000 hospitals and 40000 surgeons covering 90% of districts in India with secondary healthcare facilities. They focused from Day One on the Operation Theatre and on contributing to enabling for every surgeon through their surgery products, the smoothest, most precise and effective procedure to help every patient transition to quick, full recovery. Healthium, with eight manufacturing plants in India and with all the top global certifications including from the USFDA, today exports to 80 countries – in fact, one in five surgeries globally uses a Healthium product.

Anish and I speak about the growth and impact of Healthium and its four pillars of product and innovation focus and growth,  the healthcare industry and segments with special emphasis on the Medtech segment in India. Anish tells me how he thought about creating Healthium Medtech and the opportunity he saw when he began doing so in 2018, in a market that was fragmented and where the medical devices industry was strongly dominated by MNCs, and Indian players had remained small.

Anish also shares how he is working with the government and industry bodies on the side of policy development, and also speaks of the CSR activities that Healthium is engaged in.

A Continuum of Care: And while Anish tells me about the recognition and awards his company and he have received, Anish also shares vision for Healthium for the remainder of 2022 and beyond, in the spirit of ‘Making in India, for the World’. Anish envisions Healthium will remain focused on continuing to provide what he calls A Continuum of Care. In line with that, among other initiatives, Anish and his team will soon set up a standalone innovation centre in Noida housed in a building of its own.

From Anish’s narrative about Healthium’s remarkable growth, it is laudable how Healthium has been driving the Athmanirbharta (self-sufficiency) initiative for medical devices for India. Today, it enables acc

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